"Classic" can be used in every room. They serve as an addition to tables replacing traditional chairs or armchairs. You can read on them, watch TV or let the children use it as a carefree playground. Similarly to "Cubes" models, you can arrange them into pyramid or a tower and they do not take up a lot of space. They are very light and comfortable. They can also be an addition to traditional furniture and serve as footrests. Classics, are available in three sizes: Classic Large, Classic Small, Classic Tiny. They are made of the highest quality PU leather. Usage: living room, bedroom, waiting room, schools of relaxation techniques, education and conference centers, rehabilitation facilities, antenatal classes, doctors, offices.


TINY: Height: 15cm, Basic: 47cm, capacity: 50l
SMALL: Height: 24cm, Basic: 47cm, capacity: 75l
LARGE: Height: 28cm, Basic: 58cm, capacity: 135l


Pu Leather