Super comfortable pouf for sitting, which do not deform and retain its ideal shape during the usage. In addition, it is light and convenience. "Block" is made on the basis of the polystyrene chassis which is prone to damages. What is more, it is very versatile. It suits ideally to small tables, benches, hallways or bedrooms. You will not regret this purchase. Also, if you want to make somebody a funny gift together with your friends, because how many times can you buy books, computer games, etc., and really you have had enough of putting on shoes in a standing position while being in a friend´s house think about this product. A wide range of available colors will make it easier to adjust the "Block" to any interior.


Height: 40 cm
Width: 40 cm
Length: 40 cm
Filling: molded polystyrene


Pu Leather
De Lux
Exclusive 3D
Exclusive Revert
Shaggy Short Hair
Shaggy Curly Hair
Modern Polyester
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